Listen: Lady Gaga's Leaked Duet With Cher

Lady Gaga is losing the war against hackers.

Just a day after she was forced to prematurely release "Applause" due to leaks of her ARTPOP single surfacing online, the songstress' super hush-hush duet with legendary singer Cher has been unearthed.

Titled "The Greatest Thing," the track -- which admittedly sounds a lot less Gaga and very much like something from Cher's repertoire -- was previously locked up as the Mother Monster was reportedly unhappy with the outcome. (Which begs the question: Who's really leaking these things? Gay Edward Snowden?)

It’s done & she doesn’t like it, or want it to come out. She’s an artist, it’s up to her. I’m disappointed 2," Cher tweeted of the song back in June.

Well, the cat's out of the bag.

The song has since been scrubbed from most places online, but you can still listen to it here. Words to the tune are now on Directlyrics.



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  • Martha Conner
    Martha Conner

    Not that I;m crazy about Cher, but I think she has a much better voice and like the timbre better than Lady Gaga because she sounds like a little girl trying to sound like like an adult. I actually like the melody.

  • Martha Conner
    Martha Conner

    SOME WOuld call miley a tramp!