Miley Cyrus Says ‘We Can’t Stop’ Is Based On Real-Life Events, Doesn’t Have Any Subliminal Messages

Apparently, Miley Cyrus does live in a world of french fries skulls and house parties.

According to the songstress, the sensory overload music video that is “We Can’t Stop” is based on real-life experiences (so all you haters hatin’ can stop).

“It’s based on true events,” she tells BBC radio show The Official Chart. “Everyone’s always like, ‘What does the video mean?'”

“It’s not quite as deep as some people try to make it seem. A lot of people think I’m in the Illuminati somehow through this video. It’s not really that trippy to make you think this some subliminal message or it’s brainwashing you.”

Huh, funny she didn’t mention the “dancing with molly Miley” line is clearly a drug reference though. (See the full lyrics on Directlyrics.)

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