Dear Caption Contest Winners, Why So Serious… ly Awesome?!

This is a photo of popular musician and entertainer Lady Gaga. In this photo, she is wearing some interesting makeup, which some have likened to Marilyn Manson’s signature style. Others, like myself, prefer a good The Dark Knight joke. Because those will never get old, just like the Lady’s antics. Hahahaha, are you sick of Gaga yet? Well, too bad, because we’re going to be hearing a lot from her over the next few months. Let’s celebrate that exciting truth with some winning captions, shall we?

“Why so serious?!” – Erika

“Who ate all the skittles?!” – Lauren

“School girl who just got gang banged by crayola” – Feruza

“New ambassador for Ronald Mcdonald Cosmetics” – Jasmin

“oh snap! she must be very kind to let people use her face as a canvas. feel sorry for her” – Adriadna

“Wow she is Marilyn Manson’s twin” – Ismenia

“John Wayne Gacy does drag now?” – Amanda

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