Katy Perry’s ‘Killer Queen’ Commercial Reminds Us of Beyoncé’s Royal Tour Promo

Katy Perry’s commercial for her new fragrance “Killer Queen” has finally been released in its entirety. But after watching the minute-long spot on repeat, we couldn’t help but think: didn’t Beyoncé do something like this six months ago?

The two videos are more of the same: the ladies are getting dressed (ie. their minions are putting their Marie Antoinette inspired ensembles together); there’s dramatic music; they both own badass scepters.

In the case of Beyonce, she dances her way to the next room, makes long, dramatic stares at the camera and at times, makes the viewer dizzy (but still interested enough to want to buy tickets to the Mrs. Carter Show).

Perry meanwhile, breaks free and tears off some of her garb and fancy hair to reveal her long luscious black locks. She sprays on some Killer Queen and takes to her fallen chair throne in her rebellious move.

While this isn’t the first time this week that Katy Perry’s material has been compared to something of the past, we’re not going near the decision of who rocked the royal look best.

Dearest members of the BeyHive and devoted KatyCats, we’ll leave that up to you.