Remember Spencer Pratt? Celebrate His Birthday With 9 Delightful Gifs

Hey, remember Spencer Pratt? You know, that charming tow-headed fellow who graced The Hills with his flesh-colored facial hair and general awesomeness? It’s his 30th birthday today.

Now that you feel sufficiently old, celebrate this always-entertaining former reality TV villain with some choice throwback gifs.

What do you think Spencer would want for his big 3-0?

Mr. Heidi Montag already nabbed a blushing bride:

Not too long ago, it seemed like the world was Speidi’s oyster:

And something tells us he felt that way too:

Obviously an innovator, Spencer was an early adopter of the selfie:

This goofball played by his own rules (attractive!):

And he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind:

Happy birthday, old pal!

Our feelings about you can only be expressed through Lauren Conrad:


[Gifs courtesy of Tumblr]