WATCH: Clip Of Cory Monteith In One Of His Final Films ‘All The Wrong Reasons’

Cory Monteith passed away just over a month ago, and although we’ll truly miss seeing him grace the screen with his undeniable talent, he’ll forever be remembered in some of his last roles.

Celebuzz has obtained a clip from one of Monteith’s final films, All The Wrong Reasons, which is set to be released at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

The independent Canadian movie shot last year in Halifax, British Columbia, follows four people, including Monteith, who plays a big box store manager struggling to connect and come to terms with his life.

In the clip, Monteith confronts his wife Kate (played by Karine Vanasse) who has kept herself physically and emotionally isolated since witnessing a tragic family event.

In a previous interview with CB!, producer Tony Whalen talked about what it was like working with the 31-year-old actor.

“He told us he felt very lucky that this role fell into his lap. It’s a dramatic, darker character and he wanted to play his own age,” said Whalen. “He felt very fortunate. He was so happy.”

Whalen’s wife, Gia Milani, who also directed the film, added her bittersweet sentiments.

“While we are still reeling from the loss of Cory far too soon,” she said in a statement, “we are very happy that we can present this film to the world at the Toronto Festival and show audiences what an incredible dramatic performance he delivers in it. The film offers a glimpse of him I don’t think people have had a chance to see before.”

Watch the clip of Cory in All The Wrong Reasons in the CB! video above.

(Warning: Strong language)

(Main photo: Courtesy of Myriad Pictures by Andrew Tench)