We <3 One Direction, And Here Are The Reasons Why!

Here are the things we know about the lads of One Direction: they can sing, they can dance and they are certainly easy on the eyes. But, there’s more to a man than just his looks and his talent. To be truly swoon-worthy, you have to have the whole package! If gazing at their beautiful faces isn’t enough for you, here are some more reasons to fall even more head over heels.

Let us know in the comments why YOU think they’re so dreamy and be sure to catch their new movie One Direction: This Is Us in theaters August 30th.

Louis Tomlinson: 

  • Joined his hometown football team and will play one game for charity!
  • He loves animals. Proof: His first paycheck went to adopting a chimpanzee.

Zayn Malik: 

  • He’s a sensitive soul — when his grandfather passed away while he was on “The X Factor”, Zayn got his name tattooed in Arabic in memorial.
  • He really does value family, which is great to see in a man. What’s one thing that always makes him smile? Talking to his sister, Safaa.

Liam Payne: 

  • He loves the lads just as much as we do — when asked what the best part was about “The X Factor”, he reportedly said “meeting the four best people ever”. What a sweetheart.
  • He’s a real team player, with no plans to go solo in the future. He plays well with others, and lucky for him, it really works.

Harry Styles: 

  • If you’re dating Harry, you won’t ever have to take the bus — he’s one of 2 members of One Direction that passed their driving test!
  • Harry loves his mum, and calls and texts her a LOT when they’re on tour, just to tell her that he loves her!

Niall Horan: 

  • Niall’s dad thinks he’d make a wonderful husband, and we can’t help but agree. Besides, an endorsement from his family member is kind of the best endorsement of all.
  • Wipe off that eyeliner, ladies — Niall likes a natural beauty. Saves you money on Sephora trips, ladies. What a guy!