Hit-And-Run Case Against Chris Brown Dismissed

In a week of not-so-great news for Chris Brown, he’s finally gotten a good outcome.

The hit-and-run charge against the singer has been dismissed Thursday, according to the attorney for alleged victim Olga Gure-Kovalenko.

“The judge granted the motion for a civil compromise and the case has been dismissed,” Freddy Sayegh told Celebuzz.

Sayegh and his client met with the Los Angeles city attorney yesterday and she expressed her wishes not to see the 24-year-old prosecuted.

“She wanted to have it dismissed. But the city attorney filed the case anyway,” he added.

“And the city attorney objected in court today.”

Sayegh filed a civil compromise which was not accepted by the city attorney’s office at first, that is, until Thursday morning.

A civil compromise means a judge could allow the parties in the case to resolve the dispute outside the criminal realm.

“In this case there is no pursuit of a criminal violation, there is a pursuit of a civil resolution,” added Sayegh. “It’s fantastic news for Chris.”

In the same case, Brown was also charged with driving without a license and driving without proof of insurance, both of which were dropped in July.

“The mere fact that there was a civil compromise does not mean he did not break the law. It doesn’t mean the judge could not violate him in any other case,” Sayegh was quick to point out.

The D.A. has also come after Brown for allegedly lying about his court-ordered 180-day sentence of community service that could trigger a probation violation stemming from the Rihanna abuse trial.

Thursday’s decision, however, marks a legal victory for Brown, who after suffering a seizure last week as a result of “intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress,” still faces another courtroom battle after Frank Ocean’s cousin filed a lawsuit Wednesday alleging assault and battery as a result of a January altercation between his entourage and Ocean.