Ariel Winter’s Brother Wants Custody — Read The Court Docs

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Ariel Winter’s ongoing family feud between the Modern Family star and her mother has now gotten even bigger, with her older brother filing for guardianship of the teenage actress.

According to court docs filed in Los Angeles Aug. 15 and obtained by CelebuzzJames Christopher Workman listed multiple reasons for his request, specifically citing Ariel’s sister Shanelle Gray (who was granted temporary guardian in November 2012) as an “unfit guardian,” “bad role model” who allows the 15-year-old actress to be publicly “sexualized” and is using Ariel’s name to promote her acting school as well as using her TV money for “lavish parties and limousines” — all of which have continued, he claims, to tear their family apart.

He also cites their father, Glenn Workman, who is in charge of Ariel’s estate, as unfit because he is “financially sinking” and “a puppet for Gray and her lawyers.”

Ariel was removed from her mother, Chrisoula Workman‘s, home late last year following allegations of emotional and physical abuse.

Here’s James in his own words, according to the court docs:

“The current Temporary Guardian of the Person, Shanelle Gray is an unfit guardian for the proposed ward, my sister Ariel Winter Workman. Gray is a bad role model for Ariel. Gray allows Ariel to be publically [sic] ‘sexualized.’ Gray has also falsely accused our mother, Chrisoula Workman of abuse. Gray, an unsuccessful actress, has a vendetta against Chrisoula, was estranged from Chrisoula and Ariel until Ariel began making millions of dollars as a successful actress, has a history of drug abuse, has appeared in public almost nude revealing her private parts, is having Ariel spend exorbitant amounts of money on Gray for lavish parties and limousines, has fellow party girls masquerading as Ariel’s ‘baby sitter,’ and continues to cause greater separation between Ariel and her mother, even going so far as having Ariel call herself ‘Ariel Winter Gray.’ All of these are done in violation of Gray’s sworn duties of her office as the Temporary Guardian of the Person, who is supposed to attempt to bring the family together.

“Ariel needs a guardian who will help Ariel to mature into an emotionally stable and responsible adult, and not used as an advertising commodity for Gray’s acting school and to further Gray’s and her family’s acting careers.

“My father, the current Temporary Guardian of the Estate, Glenn Workman, is an unfit guardian for the proposed ward, Ariel. Although I love him, he is financially sinking. On information and belief, Glenn is simply a puppet for Gray and her lawyers. Glenn does not have adequate
knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry. It has always been Chrisoula who has developed and maintained Ariel’s acting career. Glenn does not adequately review important documents affecting my sister and her career.

“Although I have never witnessed abuse by Chrisoula of Ariel, should the Court determine that a permanent guardianship of Ariel is necessary, I believe that I would be a better guardian for Ariel than Gray or Glenn.”

Take a look at the court docs in the CB! gallery above.