A Special Message From Madonna, Queen of Pop, Regarding Today's Winning Captions

Madonna Shows Off Her Grills at Menton Music Festival With Her Boyfriend Brahim Zaibat
"Hi, I'm Madonna, Queen of Pop. One of my many, many accomplishments is that I invented reinvention. Another one of my accomplishments that I am known for is riding trends, a.k.a. reinventing things that other people claim to have done first and taking all the credit. Because I am Madonna, Queen of Pop. Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, and Rihanna may have done "grills" first, but I have done them firster, for I am Madonna, Queen of Pop. As Queen of Pop, I command you to read on for today's winning captions, which my good and handsome and talented and lovely friend has put together after the jump." - Madonna, 2013.

A special highlight for this caption, which is SPOT ON:

"Material GRILL" - April

And these are pretty great, too:

"I didnt know Dentures came in Gold" - Ashalee

""Golden" teeth for the "golden" age!!!!" - Rachel

"Bad case of plaque that's what that looks like" - Thomas

""The caramel is stuck." - Shantela

"Lil Wayne called....he wants his grill back!!!!!" - Ponayota

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