A Special Message From Madonna, Queen of Pop, Regarding Today’s Winning Captions

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“Hi, I’m Madonna, Queen of Pop. One of my many, many accomplishments is that I invented reinvention. Another one of my accomplishments that I am known for is riding trends, a.k.a. reinventing things that other people claim to have done first and taking all the credit. Because I am Madonna, Queen of Pop. Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, and Rihanna may have done “grills” first, but I have done them firster, for I am Madonna, Queen of Pop. As Queen of Pop, I command you to read on for today’s winning captions, which my good and handsome and talented and lovely friend has put together after the jump.” – Madonna, 2013.

A special highlight for this caption, which is SPOT ON:

“Material GRILL” – April

And these are pretty great, too:

“I didnt know Dentures came in Gold” – Ashalee

“”Golden” teeth for the “golden” age!!!!” – Rachel

“Bad case of plaque that’s what that looks like” – Thomas

“”The caramel is stuck.” – Shantela

“Lil Wayne called….he wants his grill back!!!!!” – Ponayota

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