Watch: It’s Jennifer Aniston’s Turn with That Awkward, Adorable BBC Interviewer

Before you think, “Oh no, not this guy again,” give the BBC’s Chris Stark another chance as he interviews Jennifer Aniston during a press junket for We’re The Millers.

“I feel like a pig in a wig,” Stark confesses, after revealing his team had put “loads of makeup” on him to make him look “showbiz enough” to interview the star.

From there, the nearly seven-minute chat bounces between awkward and adorable, funny and endearing.

Like Stark’s March encounter with Mila Kunis, the Aniston video has since gone viral, raking in nearly 500,000 views on the network’s Youtube page. (Kunis’ video has received more than 11 million views).

After calling Aniston “probably the most famous hottest woman in the world,” Stark asks if famous people have “lists” the way us regular folk have lists of famous people we’d leave our significant others for. (As Aniston reminds us, Friends once did an episode on such lists).

For Aniston’s answer, her defense of Ryan Gosling’s hotness and more adorable, awkward exchanges with Stark, check out the video above.

We’re The Millers is playing everywhere.