Princess Diana’s Death: What More Is There To Investigate?

New information regarding the 1997 death of Diana, Princess of Wales was revealed yesterday, but Metropolitan police stress that this is not a “re-investigation.”

It’s quite a hard story to follow, given that the evidence being reviewed has not yet determined to be neither “relevant” nor “credible” according to many reports. 

New claims in a 7-page letter submitted to the SAS by the in-laws of a disgruntled former soldier (“Soldier N”, as he’s referred to) allege that British forces had something to do with the the Princess’s death in Paris.

He [Soldier N] also told her [the daughter] that it was the XXX who arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up,” according to the Telegraph.

Ken Wharfe, who was Diana’s Metropolitan police bodyguard, thinks this latest report has no legs to stand on.

“If these parents were so concerned that this information was relevant or had some general import, then they should have delivered it to the inquest,” he told the paper.

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