Beyoncé Gets a Kiss From the Kid President

When Beyoncé got a chance to chat with the one-and-only Kid President, a.k.a. America’s favorite mini Commander-in-Chief, she could hardly contain herself.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here with the Kid President,” she gushed to the 9-year-old YouTube sensation. “I was very excited to meet you today.”

The feeling was mutual. Before meeting Bey, the mini prez — whose real name is Robby Novak — admitted: “[I’m] so excited I could die!”

The two got together for a meeting of the minds to discuss the significance of World Humanitarian Day, which the U.N. marks Aug. 19.

“I think it is so important for us to take some time and be unselfish and have compassion,” Beyoncé told him. “Because, we really can impact the world.”

The video launches the Kid President’s new campaign under the hashtag, #theworldneedsmore. Beyoncé and other international brands, like Gucci and Western Union, are sponsoring words — something they believe the world needs more of — that people can support through social media. From now until Sept. 24, every word that is shared “unlocks” $1 to be donated to aid efforts in the world’s most underfunded humanitarian crises.

Beyoncé’s word? Strength. “I think the world needs more strong, empowered men and women,” she explained. “So, I’d say, I think the world needs more strength.” The Kid President applauds her: “Ah, strength. Good answer.”

Before the interview can come to a close, he has to ask: “Are we best friends?” Beyoncé is down, on one condition: “Only if I can get a kiss on my cheek,” she pleads. “Come on, come on, come on, Kid President!” Like the gentleman he is, he grants her wish.

Then they fist bump. This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.