Most Iconic VMA Moments: The Awards Show

The Results Are In!
Today, friends, the voting period for our three Most Iconic VMA Moments categories comes to an end. But do not feel sad, for there's still one big moment left to savor. Give your voting fingers a rest, do a little jig down the red carpet of your mind, enter the auditorium, take your seat in the font row, and enjoy the drama-filled festivities after the jump.

For the last three weeks, you've voted for your favorite VMA performances, fashions, and scandals. Today, we are pleased to announce winners as decided by your enthusiastic voting.  I will be your host for the evening, which means I am in charge, which means we're getting this show under way right now because I said so.

First up, the award for Most Iconic Performance. The nominees are: 

Britney Spears - "I'm a Slave 4 U" (2001) / Lady Gaga - "Paparazzi" (2009) / Eminem - "The Real Slim Shady" (2000) / Beyoncé - "Love on Top" (2011) / Madonna - "Like a Virgin" (1984)

Let's hear a round of applause for all of them! Great job, guys! But there can only be one winner. And that winner is...

Britney Spears' epic performance of "I'm a Slave 4 U (Feat. Banana the Python)" in 2001!!!! *Crowd goes wild*

Britney, your response?

Well said! Please take your seat, as it is time for us to announce the winner of Most Iconic VMA Fashion Moment! The nominees are:

Lil' Kim's purple pasty (1999) / Lady Gaga's meat dress (2010)  / Britney Spears' dominatrix-biker-chick ensemble (2002) / Nicki Minaj's Harajuku Barbie (2011) / Rose McGowan's nakedness (1998)

All so iconic! Who could the winner be?! Well, of course it's...

BRITNEY SPEARS' DOMINATRIX-BIKER-CHICK LOOK FROM 2002! Britney, come back! Please return to the stage to accept your second award of the evening! How are you feeling, Brit?!

Well, it's been a good night for Britney so far! (PSSST, Britters, I wouldn't even bother taking your seat.) Ahem, we have one more award to hand out tonight. The category is Most Iconic VMA Scandal! The nominees are...

Britney Spears and Madonna make out (2003) / Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift (2009) / Michael Jackson awkwardly makes out with Lisa Marie Presley (1994) / Rihanna and Chris Brown sneak a smooch (2012) / Britney makes a disastrous comeback (2007)

And the winner is... wait for it... BRITNEY SPEARS' 2003 MAKEOUT SESSION WITH MADONNA!


I mean, of course, right?!

BRITNEY HAS SWEPT THE AWARDS! I REPEAT, IT'S A CLEAN SWEEP FOR THE PRINCESS OF POP! Wow, what a show. Highest rated in awards show history! Thanks for joining us, everyone! See you next year, but not before we see you at the after party:

Congratulations to Britney and, of course, to the Britney Army! And thank you to everyone who voted over the last three weeks. We had a ton of fun, and we hope you did too!



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  • Jason Iván Gamboa Arias
    Jason Iván Gamboa Arias

    I don't like to say Britney's the QUEEN, because I respect Madonna. But the title "Princess of Pop" is obviously because the idea that after Madonna, the one that could have the throne is Britney. And Britney is the Queen of VMAs. For the guy that said that X-Factor flopped because Britney, I don't think so... X-Factor USA was a flop to begin with, and no one can save it... the talent show winning in USA is The Voice, and it's not because Xtina but for all the panel and because it's fresh... Idol and X Factor are just the same. Britney gave highest ratings to Glee, Ellen show and more... so she still relevant and loved for the most of the people.

  • Trung Nguyen
    Trung Nguyen

    Too bad she made X Factor flop.

  • Mimi Hrahsel
    Mimi Hrahsel

    Britney is the queen! She has delivered the 2 most iconic VMA performances of all time - Oops I did it again & I'm a slave for you. No one has been able to top these two performances so far!

  • DreamerIs ALoser
    DreamerIs ALoser

    I'm not gonna say she is the Queen like other fan bases say abut her "idol" but brit definitely deserves it, she changed pop culture back in the 1998's and earlys 2000's and she still being successful.

  • DreamerIs ALoser
    DreamerIs ALoser

    Sorry but Britney spears = VMA's