Beyoncé Spent More Than $2000 on Chicken at Nando's

Beyonce's Nando's Order
This picture, making the rounds on Twitter, is purportedly a receipt from an order Beyoncé recently placed at South African chicken chain Nando's. The order includes 58 orders of wings, 48 whole chickens, 12 veggie burgers, 48 bags of chips, 24 bowls of rice and 24 sides of coleslaw. The order totaled out at £1,444.10, which is about $2264.20. Someone was hungry.

The only question now: does Bey prefer her chicken with lemon and herbs, medium or hot?



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    September 1,2013 Omg photo posted of President Model-M@NEY Celebuzz photo

  • Daniel Quijano
    Daniel Quijano

    She paid in Cash! gansta.

  • paus

    that has to be some great chicken