Brooklyn Decker, Angela Kinsey And Jenna Fischer Had The Best Ladies Night Ever

Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey and Brooklyn Decker are your new fantasy BFFs.

The Office stars teamed up with the actress/swimsuit model (who knew she was part of their crew?) to partake in what looks to be one awesome Monday evening. The girls drank margaritas, ate a platter of cheese, and did a little impromptu Tracy Anderson method. And there’s video to prove it.

Kinsey posted the below photo of the scene and wrote, “Jenna & I are drinking homemade margaritas by @brooklynddecker and trying to do #tracyanderson.”

Brooklyn also documented the evening by sharing an adorably hilarious video of Jenna and Angela attempting the exercise video:

This is how we spend our Monday nights @angelakinsey @jennafischer don’t be jealous,” she captioned the clip.

But what if I am totally jealous? It looks like a glorious time was had by all.