Cute Alert: Ian Somerhalder Rescued An Adorable Puppy

Ian Somerhalder has a very cute "new girl" in his life.

After saving a dog from the middle of LA traffic on Monday, the Vampire Diaries star decided to go ahead and keep the sweet stray pooch. Super sexy and an animal lover? Swoon.

"My new girl.Rescued from traffic near the Vampire Diaries stages just a few hours ago-so smart, so beautiful&charming-all a man could ask for in a girl-So happy together.Her name is Nietzsche..," he wrote alongside the above photo.

Ian split up from co-star and girlfriend of three years, Nina Dobrev, just three months ago. Perhaps little Nietzshe's unconditional love will cure any breakup blues that still linger.

And if he gets real lonely, well, nothing's a bigger babe magnet than a cute puppy.

Don't believe us? Launch the gallery, above, to see more hot celeb guys with their furry friends.



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  • Brandy Smith
    Brandy Smith

    R the TVD stages not in Georgia?

  • Cea Reaa
    Cea Reaa

    Love the way Ian holds full of tenderness...Whatever maybe the equation,Ian is a kind and sweet soul who's not at all bothered about himself..He doesn't pay attention to get roles,his appearance or for anything about himself..It is always for and about something&someone for him,bless his heart ..with all the human faults still an inspiration,not perfect but lives life like how we all should,by caring ,by using all he can of himself&his status to improve our world&the creatures ,,very good efforts,thank you Ian,i am inspired to be a better person because of you..