Farrah Abraham Wants You To Buy Her A Bunch Of Expensive Crap

Farrah Abraham is asking a lot of packages to be delivered to her backdoor. Like, really.

The Teen Mom star turned adult film actress has pulled the classiest of classy moves and is requesting her fans to purchase something from her extensive -- and super pricey -- Amazon wish list, linking the page on her verified Twitter account.

From her followers, the former MTV star is asking for must-haves like a $900 evening gown, a $1,400 vintage bookcase, a $500 Pottery Barn rug, $700 cocktail dress and a $750 pink crystal chandelier.

Abraham has also requested for three monokinis, two bikinis, one sexy French maid costume and a pair of "silver sequin booty shorts" along with kids stuff for her daughter, Sophia.

"I love clothes, accessories, dresses, heels, kitchen cookware, and who knows some other cool home stuff to decorate, and as always I think about my daughter too when I see something she's gotta have that's a must as well :)" Abraham writes on her profile.

Please note: this is coming from the same girl who has earned $1.5 million for Back Door Teen Mom and has made over $120,000 in royalties from the aforementioned sex tape.

So yeah, she really needs the swag, you guys.



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  • Charles Volcher
    Charles Volcher


  • Dora Glasberg
    Dora Glasberg

    Are those her new knockers?

  • Dora Glasberg
    Dora Glasberg

    Stop. Please. Make her go away. She makes the Kardashians look classy

  • mmbgdr

    Hey Daddy Abraham, what do ya have to say about this? I'm anxious to hear your explanation, or excuse, & who's to blame. Waiting to hear from ya....

  • Gaby Gomez
    Gaby Gomez

    She Needs To Buy The Stuff Herself Since She Made So Much Money With Her Nasty Video... Or Better Get A Job Farrah