Man Committed Suicide At Olivia Newton-John’s Florida Home, Police Confirm

The mystery surrounding the death of a man at Olivia Newton-John’s Florida home has been concluded Tuesday by police in Jupiter, Fl., but neighbors still don’t have answers.

Next-door neighbor Marilyn Barfield was home in her garden shortly after 11 a.m. Monday and remembers hearing a loud bang, she said.

“I heard a gunshot,” she told Celebuzz. “There was only one other person working over there at the time that I could see. I thought it could be the pressure cleaner working on the driveway. I didn’t think it was a gun.”

Then, within moments, the place was surrounded by police.

Police confirm to CB! that after the autopsy performed Tuesday they have concluded Chris Pariseleti committed suicide as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Pariseleti had a long history in the neighborhood and was well loved as a constant presence working on many homes in the colony.

“He’s a longtime contractor of Olivia’s. He did the total remodel on the house,” Barfield said. “He was just the nicest person you ever want to meet. I can’t believe it.”

According to Barfield, another worker at the home discovered his body.

“He said he (Pariseleti) walked in with a gun and he found him dead and called police,” she said. “This is a big mystery to everyone as to why he did it.”

She adds that when special investigators took photos of his car, it looked out of place at the time.

“When they were taking photos the glove compartment was open and the passenger door was open. The car was also in the middle of the road and not pulled over.

“We speculated that he pulled in, got out, walked to the passenger side, went into the glove compartment to get the gun and walked in.

“It’s when his brother and father came to get his truck that we knew,” she said.

According to Barfield, Newton-John and her husband John Easterling hadn’t been living in the house for at least five months and had already moved out.

Right now, a $6.2 million sale is pending on the property, rumored to have been purchased by Rosie O’Donnell.

“He must have been doing ongoing maintenance,” she said. “But why he did it right there, knowing Chris, it sounds like a statement. Why there? His first project in the colony was here with Olivia and we never heard any kinds of problems with their relationship.”