Beyonce’s Latest Personal Pics: Ice Cream, Uno, And Plenty Of Blue Ivy Sweetness

Beyonce’s life is but a dream. No, seriously, I think she’s living a fantastic dream I once had.

Salty beach air, sand writing, endless ice cream, Uno and red wine by a pool — this is what Queen Bey’s world is made of. And we want to be a part of it. Luckily she shares a lot via her Tumblr, so we can all gawk and sigh with envy from a distance.

I’m not a detective or anything, but the singing superstar’s latest set of intimate shots must have been taken before her headline making hair chop, as her long curly locks are seen flowing in the wind.

These new pictures feature some adorable mentions of her and Jay Z’s little one, Blue Ivy. Bey sweetly writes her daughter’s name in the sand in one photo, and in another you can see what appears to be Blue’s tiny hand holding a tight grasp on her mama’s finger.

Beyonce even documented a poolside scene that looks like it once was the ideal leisure scenario — an empty glass of red wine, cool gold flats, some sort of candy and Uno cards are seen strewn about on the ground casually.

There’s also a photo of a bunch of pints of ice cream being served on fancy platters. I don’t know what was going on there exactly, but it was obviously the best time ever.

To see the new pics and more personal Beyonce shots, launch the gallery, above.