Caption Contest Field Trip: We’re Riding Roller Coasters With Beyoncé and Her New Weave!

She sings. She dances. She acts. She cuts her hair. She rides roller coasters. She does everything. She is Beyoncé. She has never, to my knowledge, submitted a caption for one of our caption contests, though. What’s the deal, Bey? You do everything, and yet you’ve never bothered to submit a caption? Rude. Well, whatever. I doubt you could top today’s winning captions, anyway. Read ‘em after the jump.

“need to smile for the pic, and I pray my wig and glasses don’t fail me” – Graciela

“i hope she didn’t seriously expect those glasses to stay on her face..” – Stephanie

“if I were a boy” I would cut all my hair off for attention and then go buy some more” – April

“I hope her weave is properly attached…” – Rafi

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