‘Getaway’ Trailer: Here’s Another Look at Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke’s Action Flick

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Warner Bros. Pictures has just released a brand new trailer for Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke’s new action thriller — just in time for the film’s release on Aug. 30.

In the second Getaway preview, there’s more of that scary voice with all those instructions for Hawke, who’s out to save his kidnapped wife. There’s also more of Hawke behind the wheel, and more smart talk from Gomez.

On Wednesday, while on a brief break from her Stars Dance tour, Gomez, 21, held a Twitter Q&A to chat about her film. And thanks to the Q&A, we now know the following about the film:

  • Selena feels “badass” in Getaway
  • She gets to jump out of a car
  • The cast spent a lot of time at McDonalds
  • She’d like to film an action movie with Ryan Gosling, if another opportunity calls (but of course!)

Getaway opens in theaters Aug. 30.

Here’s the first trailer: