Jane Lynch on ‘Glee’s’ Cory Monteith Tribute Episode: It’s The ‘Most Beautiful Thing’

Days after FOX unveiled a new promo for Glee’s upcoming season, Jane Lynch has shed some light on what to expect for the tribute episode planned for the late Cory Monteith.

On Wednesday, the talent behind the great Sue Sylvester wrote the following on Twitter:

Just read Cory Monteith memorial episode. Most beautiful thing. Thank you, @MrRPMurphy @BFalchuk Ian Brennan,” referring to Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan.

Monteith was found dead at his Vancouver hotel on July 13. The 31-year-old actor died of a toxic mixture involving heroin and alcohol.

As Murphy and company previously announced, the new season’s third episode will air on Oct. 10 and will pay tribute to both Monteith and his character Finn Hudson.

Basically, what we’re doing in the episode is we are not telling you yet, or maybe not at all, how that character died,” Murphy told Deadline last week. “The idea being, how somebody died is interesting and maybe morbid, but we say very early on in the episode, ‘This episode is about a celebration of that character’s life.’”

It’s been a huge week for Glee news. Demi Lovato has just closed a deal to play Rachel Berry’s “struggling-artist friend” for at least six episodes, while Darren Criss and Chris Colfer’s Blaine and Kurt will engage in a smoochfest of some sort in the Beatles-themed season premiere.

Glee returns Sept. 26 on FOX.

And now, a flashback: