Robert Pattinson Gets All Up Close and Personal for Dior

RPattz fans, it’s time to bask in the treat that is this Dior Homme campaign preview.

The slideshow, featuring the handsome, smoldering Robert Pattinson, was released on Tuesday by the folks at Dior and the German magazine TUSH.

Shot by photographer Nan Goldin, the campaign images combine Pattinson’s charming looks and the backdrop of New York City.

A number of lucky female models are also featured in some shots, including one where the British hunk appears to be engaged in a moment of seduction.

Dior first named the 27-year-old actor as the new face of Dior Homme fragrance in June, adding Pattinson to a growing list of Hollywood ambassadors like Charlize Theron and Jude Law.

The campaign, currently running in European and Asian markets, is expected to hit the U.S. in the fall.