Robert Pattinson On 'Twilight' Fans: What Do These People Do All Day?

Fans may still be in mourning over the end of the Stephenie Meyers franchise, but Robert Pattinson isn't one of them.

"The real odd thing about this Twilight target group is that they aren’t really teenagers," Pattinson said in a recent interview with Germany's Interview magazine [via inTouch]. "Most of them are older."

"Twilight has its own parallel world, its own fan culture that has been forming on the net since day one," Pattinson continued. "And in an intense way that has never existed before. Sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day. They sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight."

Twihards aside, Pattinson also has a vehement disdain for those who refer to him as R-Patz (which is just about everyone who had ever talked about Twilight).

"I'd like to strangle the guy who came up with it!" Pattinson said of his moniker, adding that it was probably "some fat celebrity blogger."

So, rules of getting on R-Patz Pattinson's good side: don't talk about Twilight and don't call him R-Patz. Done.



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  • Amanda Sayers-Johnston
    Amanda Sayers-Johnston

    AMEN Alize!!! I cannot believe how many people stick up for her after she cheated with a married man. Cheating with ANYONE is wrong, so cmon! These Kristen supporters are completely nuts, Rob deserves to be happy and I am glad he dumped her, she definitely does NOT deserve him!!!!!!

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    Party on at the Chateau Rob!

  • sa12

    I think these commenters may be the people he was talking about. He seems to have one of the most unrealistic fan bases in Hollywood. And that is saying something since Lindsay Lohan also as a fan base. By the way

  • Marlena Creighton
    Marlena Creighton

    @alize, you can't reason with KStew fans....they need help....they think she does no's ok to cheat with a married man who has a family,lol...just be thankful Rob got smart and dumped her ass...he'll go alot further without the excess baggage.

  • alize

    @Lulu @Lulu Jcf! You're an insane Kstew fan. Rob owes her NOTHING after what she has done. Nothing! How would YOU feel if she slept with YOUR significant other?! My God wtf is wrong with these Kstew supporters? How can someone blame Rob is this situation.. well I shouldn't be surprised though they even trashed Liberty Ross for Kstew's selfishly cruel actions. That is how crazy they are. Instead of being grateful that Rob saved Kstew's ass during Twi promo they are out full force spreading shit about him. They truly are acting like scorned women. It's like Rob dumped them. It's embarrassing... Karma? Really? Be careful what you wish for! Karma might visit you for all the lies and vitrol you spreading about Rob when he did nothing wrong.

  • Lulu Collazo
    Lulu Collazo

    Honestly, I believe he is an excuse for a man. He will never be happy, ever! He can move back to England or to another country. What is in the heart, remains there. He should have stood up for Kristen through the bad. HE DID NOT. He remained close to her under contract, until the last dvd was sold. Then he broke her heart without any kind of regretness or sensitivity, unlike her very much public apology and behavior after her mistake. He knows she loved him in spite of it, but he is a selfish and insecured boy who follows his “manager” like Bear and Bernie follow him. His career and money are his priority. Love is a consequence of his sorroundings, like the movies, nothing’s real. His actions will haunt him and karma will do in time the same for him. As I saw in a movie, for English men, affections are for puppies, not for people. Shame on him!

  • Georgeann Davis
    Georgeann Davis

    Very accurate. Not an insult although some seem to think so. What is the big deal.?Some very dedicated fans do just that. If you do and you are comfortable with that, how is that an insult?