11 GIFs That Prove Why Kristen Wiig Is The Everyday Woman

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Besides fictional 30 Rock character Liz Lemon, never has someone been so relatable — and more importantly, GIF-able — than Kristen Wiig. She’s quirky and funny, but she’s also prone to embarrassing moments that frankly happens way too often for yours truly. 

Seeing how the actress is turning the big 4-0, Celebuzz is taking a look at just what makes her so dang lovable.

Here are 11 reasons why Kristen Wiig is your best friend, your spirit animal and, basically, you.

She knows how you feel when you see your favorite celebrity.

She knows how you feel when you’re super stoked for something.

She knows how you feel when you’ve had too much to drink.

And what happens when you’re feeling a little too frisky after said drinks.

She knows how you’re not really a good dancer.

She knows how you feel when you’re trying on an outfit at a store and it looks fabulous on you.

And what happens after you see the price tag.

She knows about our insecurities.

She knows how we all look when we’re working out.

She knows how we feel when we’re driving around in a new car. (Even if it’s a secondhand 1998 Ford Escort.)

And most importantly, she knows how we’re all true ballers.