5 Things We JUST Learned About One Direction

Every week brings us one step closer to the glory that is One Direction: This Is Us. Every week, we find incredible new tidbits of info about these boys and this week is no different. Check out these 5 clips of the lads and read 5 new things we JUST learned! For more where this came from, be sure to check out One Direction: This Is Us when it hits theaters 8/30.

1. Harry is pretty skilled on a riding lawnomwer, and looks adorable while doing donuts in his parent’s yard.

2. What scares Liam the most? The life-sized cutout of himself wedged in a corner of his bedroom at home!

3. If you want to send Niall fanmail, you basically just need to address it to Niall Horan, Ireland — and it’ll reach him. That’s how famous he is!

4. Louis knows that they’re not the best dancers but it’s ok! They still try, and look good doing it.


5. Zayn and his art go hand in hand. When his mom said “no tagging in the house!” he did one better and bought his own house where he can draw to his heart’s content. Adulthood!