Harry Styles ‘Hearts’ Today’s Winning Captions, and He’s Got the Shirt to Prove It

Zayn Malik may be off the market, ladies and gentlemen, but you’ve still got a chance with Harry Styles. Or any of the other One Direction boys for that matter. Harry seems pretty into it, judging from this picture of him at Tuesday’s UK premiere of One Direction This: Is Us. So let’s all try and marry Harry. Best of luck to all of you, but it will probably be me, no offense. After all, I’m in charge around here. Don’t believe me? I handpicked today’s winning captions myself! Check ‘em out after the jump:

“How am I going to get my underwear out my ass with all these fans behind me” – Shannon

“I really can’t believe they made me wear this shirt.” – Jessica

“Check it out I wear my heart on my sleeve n the rest of my shirt I love me” – Brittney

“How you you like my Jack Nicholson impersonation?” - Mike

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