Kristin Cavallari Barters for Cab Fare From Paps

See here, paps — if you want Kristin Cavallari’s photograph, it will cost you.

Laguna Beach’s resident bitch tried to cut a deal with photographers as she stumbled out of Hooray Henry’s in West Hollywood, Calif., Wednesday night after what were guessing was a few vodka sodas. As a pack of voracious paparazzi begged her to pose, clever K Cav offered to cut them a deal.

Pap: “Kristin, can you just post for like 5 minutes?”

KC: “Are you paying for my taxi? 20 bucks. 5 each, let’s go.”

Pap: “Well, you got to pose for me.”

KC: “I just posed for you. Pony the f*ck up. Give me 5 bucks.”

One of the snappers hands her a bill. “A dollar? Thanks, b*tch,” she bemoaned, letting out her inner Jesse Pinkman.

As she climbs into the cab, the cheapskate pap whines, “Kristin, I paid a dollar for that smile.” So, she flashes a sly smile from the back seat.

KC for the win.