Germany Is Getting Help From The U.S. To Get Justin Bieber To Pay Up

Justin Bieber won’t have too much longer to put off footing the bill for his former furry friend.

German officials are now seeking the help of the U.S. government to get to the pop star and officially get him to pay up, Celebuzz has learned.

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation planned to go public at the end of July with a $1,500 bill for Bieber to cover all the costs that came with the necessary TLC for J’Beebz’s capuchin monkey Mally when she was confiscated in March after he didn’t have the proper paperwork to bring his pet primate into the country.

The one kinda important snag — they didn’t have the Biebs’ address — but they do now and they’ve requested help.

“He hasn’t paid the fine just yet. The problem is we didn’t have an exact address,” said Conservation attorney Ellen Frederichs, adding that the notice has to be delivered personally.

“It’s an official act because it’s on the territory of the U.S., so we can’t just send it to him,” she added. “We have to ask American authorities to deliver it.”

Authorities are crossing their fingers that with mutual assistance Bieber will be served by next week.

Bieber’s bill will be three-fold: 1130 euros ($1500) for cost of accommodation for Mally to the Conversation and customs officials, as well as, an additional fine, which according to Frederichs, could cost the star anywhere from 1500 to 2000 euros. Translation: Nearly $3000.

And he’ll only have a small window of time to write a check — two weeks for the accommodation fees and four weeks for the fine.

We’re thinking that since the “Boyfriend” singer has earned $58 million as of June, he can fork over the dough.

Come on, Biebs, you owe it to little Mally, who’s now trying to make new friends a German zoo.