Perez Hilton Wants You To Stick It To Lady Gaga By Boycotting 'ARTPOP'

The Lady Gaga vs. Perez Hilton saga continues.

Though the Mother Monster has called a ceasefire on all hate mail towards the celebrity blogger, her former BFF is taking another approach to hit her where it hurts: the charts.

This week, Hilton has called on music lovers to boycott buying Gaga's upcoming album, ARTPOP, on the day of its release. Instead, he is urging fans to purchase Christina Aguilera's 2010 much-derided Bionic on Nov. 11, because, that makes so much sense. Currently popping around the web as #JusticeForBionic, the movement supposedly aims to make a dent on Gaga's wallet and charting position.

Hilton's "revolution" comes after Gaga called the Hollywood gossip fiend out on Twitter for texting hateful messages to her when she was undergoing treatment for her hip injury. Later on, the "Applause" crooner accused him of stalking her when he was spotted apartment-hunting in the same New York City building where she resides.

Since then, the blogger has hit back with passive aggressive notes about Katy Perry beating Gaga on the charts, an open letter accusing the songstress of spreading lies, and -- of course -- this.

So much for "wishing Lady GaGa happiness and continued success," right?



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  • nimd4

    This "Perez" guy has (long) overstayed his welcome in the media, how come people - still - pay attention to him; seems a bit strange. :-)

  • Diana Price
    Diana Price

    It's pretty bad when your readers have to give you the gossip news.

  • Diana Price
    Diana Price

    The reason he chose Bionic is because there are rumors he has some knowledge that Gaga sabotaged that release somehow. Stay tuned for more drama.

  • Erica Woodridge
    Erica Woodridge

    I'm gonna buy 2 copies of Gaga's cd

  • Erinn Colleen Resseguie
    Erinn Colleen Resseguie

    I have to say Christina's album didn't the attention it most certainly deserved. If I didn't already have "Bionic," I would certainly buy it instead of the garbage GaGa is putting out!