New Jersey ‘Housewives’ Cast Members Face Misdemeanor Charges In Boutique Brawl

Teresa Giudice isn’t the only Housewives star (or family member, for that matter) to face criminal charges.

Her brother Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and hubby Christopher Laurita are all facing a slew of charges stemming from a violent fight back in March with New Jersey resident John Karagiorgis. But they can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Luckily for the reality trio, an NJ court has decided the charges should be downgraded from felonies to much lower misdemeanor counts, Celebuzz has learned.

In case you missed the blow-by-blow, the brawl broke out at Garden State store Posche 2, and you guessed it, it was all caught on camera for the masses to see.

(Photo: INF)

Let the finger-pointing begin.

(Photo: INF)

John claims in his complaint filed in April and obtained by CB! that Jacqueline hit him multiple times on the head with her stiletto heel (yep, that’s gotta hurt), while Joe (real name Giuseppe) and Christopher apparently “threatened to f**king kill” him and hit him repeatedly with a “closed fist.”

Although John wanted those charges to be felony third degree crimes, the court said not so fast and quickly gave them all disorderly conduct offenses (equivalent to a misdemeanor charge).

And that’s not all.

Joe, Jacqueline and Chris all filed criminal complaints of their own, claiming the alleged victim got in Joe’s face shouting that he would “kick Giuseppe Gorga’s a**” and “kill” him, as stated in the docs. Joe also alleges John has taken internet browsing to a new level and “harassed” him online for two years, according to the court docs.

Jacqueline even goes after him, accusing him of forcing her to fall over in her designer heels, and also making derogatory statements about her child, all while using profanity.

Chris claims Karagiorgis has been “harassing” him “for years,” and not only threw “something” at him during the physical altercation but threatened that he would “put him in the hospital.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but it sounds like another day in Franklin Lakes, NJ to me.

The stars apparently want the charges dropped, while the alleged victim is prepared to keep fighting.

All are expected to duke it out (legally) in court Sept. 5.

A call to Karagiorgis’s attorney was not returned.

Click on the CB! gallery above to read the detailed court docs.