Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt Says Breastfeeding ‘Sounds A Little Daunting’

Like any first time mom, Jennifer Love Hewitt has a few anxieties about motherhood.

“Learning the breastfeeding of it all sounds a little daunting,” the Client List star told Celebuzz Wednesday night at the Pampers ‘Love, Sleep & Play’ campaign launch inside Grand Central. “It’s so different for every woman that they can write a lot about it; but it can’t really come with an instruction manual so you just sort of have to figure it out and hope that the latching and all of that happens.”

It seems all this baby talk has put nuptials on the backburner for Hewitt and castmate Brian Hallisay, who announced their engagement back in early June, just days after Hewitt revealed she was expecting.

“We’re gonna tackle that, get in that groove first and then we’ll do the wedding,” Hewitt said.

Hewitt says she and Hallisay wants the gender to be a surprise; but whether it’s a boy or girl, their bundle of joy will definitely be a Pampers’ baby.

“They’re very non-judgmental about parenting. They don’t give you advice and say you have to stick to that or else you mess up your child,” Hewitt, 34, said.

The actress — who looked glowing in her new ‘do and long-sleeved black maternity dress — also said she’s been working out more now than she did pre-pregnancy, listing yoga and swimming as some favorite exercises. As for cravings, it’s the food she’s always loved – Mexican cuisine and cupcakes – only heightened.

Sounds like she’s got the new motherhood thing down pat.