This Guy Was Arrested For Allegedly Trespassing On Taylor Swift’s Property

Taylor Swift already has a sign on her property that reads “I knew you were trouble when you walked in. NO TRESPASSING.

But that apparently wasn’t clear enough for a 55-year-old man by the name of Joseph Bernatche who was arrested July 27 and charged by Westerly, Rhode Island police for willful trespassing.

According to the police report obtained by Celebuzz, Bernatche had been warned to stay away from the property two months prior, so instead he drove just near her house, signaled security and then handed them a note for the country cutie: “Taylor, if you ever want to see me in person again; I suggest you call me now,” reads the note per the incident report. And he was even thoughtful enough to leave his phone number.

Well, that undoubtedly sparked some concern, but his attorney insists he was not trying to trespass.

“He signaled the security guard. He probably thought he was asking for directions,” said Michael Robinson with RoboLaw. “He handed a security guard a note and he was probably caught off guard.

“He turned around and left. He was not actually on the property owned by Taylor Swift.”

The star’s home security team contacted local police, claiming Bernatche was trespassing and they arrested him on a nearby road.

For now, Bernatche pleaded not guilty and is expected back in court Sept. 6: “I’m anticipating a favorable result for my client. I know exactly what will happen. I’m giving police as much time as needed to complete their investigation,” added Robinson.

Swift is no stranger to strangers getting too close for comfort.

A 22-year-old Rhode Island man named Lucas Vorsteveld pleaded no contest to trespassing in May after he swam nearly a mile to get to her house. 

Read the police report detailing the incident in the CB! gallery above.