So, What Exactly Did Taylor Swift Say While One Direction Presented a VMA Tonight?

It certainly looked like she said something. Right? Wonder if it sounded anything like this.


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  • Angelli Olivencia
    Angelli Olivencia

    GUYS TAYLOR WAD NOT SAYING STFU TO Harry!!!! She was saying stfu to Selena!

  • Yesmina Taibi
    Yesmina Taibi

    When taylor swift had someting with harru i totaly respected her but when i sad the video's off the VMS she totally lost my respect and allot off fans

  • Javonda Mori Dit Omar
    Javonda Mori Dit Omar

    she said, "shut the f#^k up!"

  • Jess Rylant Clark
    Jess Rylant Clark

    IF I Think she is saying "Shut the F up" it looks like that. If I think she is saying "Sorry for the arm" it looks like that! So confusing!!!

  • April Champion
    April Champion someone who has to read lips because of partial deafness....she MOST DEFINITELY said "shut the eff up."

  • Tia Marie Johnson
    Tia Marie Johnson

    looked like she could of said both!!

  • Martin Tisdale
    Martin Tisdale

    No she said " Sorry for my arm to Selena Gomez". Don't make up stuff, anyway it's not like this OR you could ruin her lol

  • Judy Barnes
    Judy Barnes

    bitter are we Taylor get over your self

  • Howdy Yolly
    Howdy Yolly

    ahahaah.SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Jamie Clarke
    Jamie Clarke

    She said Shut The Fuck Up hahahahaha

  • Ericka Cheriska
    Ericka Cheriska

    She definitely said SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Geraldine Dinglasa
    Geraldine Dinglasa

    she said SHUT UP!