Watch Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's Awkwardly Inappropriate VMAs Performance

Miley Cyrus hit the stage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, so obviously either twerking, groping or some sort of inappropriate grinding was in order. Luckily for fans, the 20-year-old delivered on all three.

After performing her single, "We Can't Stop," the former Disney starlet stripped down to a nude latex two-piece to sing "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke. Complete with groin grabs -- both performed on herself and her singing partner -- and butt-shaking, the raunchy duet was made especially uncomfortable when you realize that Cyrus is an engaged woman and Thicke is a married man (his wife, actress Paula Patton, was in the audience).

However, Cyrus looked completely comfortable getting down and dirty with the 36-year-old Thicke, which makes you think this was probably something that she rehearsed with Liam Hemsworth prior to the show. Just saying.

Watch her full VMAs performance below and prepare to squirm a little in your seat. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube page by clicking here.



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  • lilpeep2u

    I missed it. WHEN did it become OKAY to have a big flabby ass in this world? Was it a movie or a song or a movement...WTF. Big fat flippy flabby ass even on us little white women? What's this world coming to? What happened to the little tight butt? Why are some of us still doing all these butt exercises.... It's NOT SUPPOSED TO MOVE, it's supposed to be rock hard... GEEEZE! And WHY do mean jack off to the ONLY part of the female anatomy that she has in common with a MALE?

  • Demi Valentine
    Demi Valentine

    I really wish they would stop it with the Will Smith family photo. That is no way related to Miley's performance. The media just wants attention.

  • Tami McKnight
    Tami McKnight

    I LUV HER!! FLABBY BUTT 4 HER AGE..NEEDS WORK M. THAT reminds me, I stayd the nite with friend in 4th grade & shw fucked her teddybear!! she must b a teddyfucker 2

  • Janet MacPhail
    Janet MacPhail

    it was like watching an accident about to happen and I just couldn't pull my eyes away. Wouldn't of bothered me as much if their voices actually sounded good but sadly they didn't.

  • Alison McCarthy
    Alison McCarthy

    Did she just have sex with a teddy bear?

  • Crystal Isom
    Crystal Isom

    That was absolutely disgusting, and I am far from a prude. This is not something anyone should have to watch, and I wish I hadn't. Seems like she is sexually frustrated to me.

  • Gwenda Sibley
    Gwenda Sibley

    HEY EVERYONE........VMA's if will smith brought his kids that is his 13 year old wouldnt be watching them for MILEYS performance.....I think there were two people involved in the do realize that all of those performances are rehearsed for days beforehand....I'm sure Robin's wife knew what was happening......with the changing ways this is as comparable as Madonna kissing both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara a few years ago.....oh yeah the only one that got any heat from that was Britney Spears.....let it was a performance and everyone is doing exactly what they wanted.... TALKING ABOUT IT.....

  • April Champion
    April Champion

    what the hell is up with the freakin tongue?!?!

  • vampirediariesgirl

    Miley is so disrespectful!! She has gone way too far! GROW UP MILEY

  • vampirediariesgirl

    Shocked! That was even worse then her video! She needs to grow up. She was acting like a slut! Miley has gone too far!! Shes sick! I like Miley but not her being like this

  • Fiery Phoenix
    Fiery Phoenix

    I really don't care if you hate me saying this but definitely, she is way out of her mind! Very inappropriate! So disgusting to see. Should not be compared with Madonna. How old is Miley??? tsk tsk..I just don't know if her mom can take it.Seeing her daughter acting like this!

  • King Charls Rothschild
    King Charls Rothschild

    JESUS KING makes the marriage or the HOLY SPIRIT gives away your spouse to the stranger as KING DAVID gave aways all his trophy wives for the KING DAVID LOVE make by the KING. Beauty Jennifer Aniston sings " I have a crush on you " everyone has a spouse make by KING JESUS. Ask JESUS, Seek JESUS, knock on JESUS door. Beauty Oprah sings " O it is love, love, love, love, love, love " enable the passion for JESUS life with or without. Beauty Cameron Diaz jewels of gold jewels of silver with voice most sweet to cause those asleep to speak " Knight and Day " " The Green Hornet " " The Counselor " lovingkindness in the morning psalms hymn new songs and faithfulness every night 92, luke 11, " Victor's Crown " by Beauty Darlene Zschech

  • Ginger Varney
    Ginger Varney

    loved it thought it was great to bad there is so much negativity against her she is a grown up now people get over it.

  • Laura Jarrett
  • Lindsay Ratt
    Lindsay Ratt

    Whoa .. she was being all inappropriate, & really disturbed.. scared me.. she really needs to go back to tennis. & life the rest of her life as a normal person & try not to twerk so much..

  • Mark Setzer
    Mark Setzer

    Really, last time I checked the VMAs were not a family program, hello, if you were shocked then you must have never seen Madonna- it is what it is, it's MTV it is what MTV does and will continue to do, it's nothing short of the loose definition of entertainment

  • Judy Barnes
    Judy Barnes

    Miley Cyrus is disgusting. She has lost all sense of decency. wtf! that was disgusting and just so awful! she acted like a wh**e

  • Lori Lowell
    Lori Lowell

    I have no respect and what little respect I did have with her on the disney channel. I was truely disquested with the whole issue Im surprised they let that be aired on tv.........I will not buy either one of the stars music......

  • James W Hagan
    James W Hagan

    Billy Ray must be beside himself. i have no respect for her after this. would not listen to her music now if someone paid me. she had to know will smith's kids were in the front row.

  • Carol Caz Scott
    Carol Caz Scott

    trashy, defo not classy. thats just plain embarassing. she is defo a legend in her own mind. madonna she aint :/

  • Mai-ra C. Luarca
    Mai-ra C. Luarca

    In her crazy state of mind, she believes she has an a$$ but she's as flat as a surf board. She has lost all sense of decency. I really feel sorry for her.

  • Cindy Richmond
    Cindy Richmond

    I will be embarrassed for her, as she isn't able to be embarrassed for herself...

  • Charlie Blasco
    Charlie Blasco

    wtf! that was disgusting and just so awful!

  • Erica Rizzo
    Erica Rizzo

    Miley Cyrus is disgusting. What women in their right mind would act like that on stage in front of millions of people. What a straight up hoe she is trying to get all the wrong attention. Robins wife should have whipped that nasty b***** ass. I like her way better when she had hair and was playing on Disney.