For Today’s Caption Contest, Snooki Demonstrates How Fun Roller Coasters Can Be!

If Snooki’s face in this photo doesn’t scream “FUN!” to you, then there might be something wrong with you. And if today’s winning captions don’t scream “FUNNY!” to you, then you are just kind of the worst. Are you the worst? No, I didn’t think so. So check out the winners after the jump, and have yourself a nice morning chuckle:

“Wahh I was hoping I didn’t pass the height test to ride this ride” – Kenzie

“Omg omg i feel like im falling god jelp me i promise to be an up standing citizen and not party half naked for a month” – Chantal

“All aboard the Derp-Coaster!” – Tom

“Why do you have 3 knees” – Summer

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