Get To Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: George Bieber

While Justin Bieber’s living the life of a pop star complete with leopard print Audis, California mansions, tacky tattoos, droopy designer duds, Forbes list debuts, club brawls, and frequent run-ins with the law, his grandparents are living the low (and lonely) life.

Grandpa Biebs, who lives in JB’s native Canada by way of Mitchell, Ontario, opened up to the New York Daily News in April saying that his uber-wealthy grandson “doesn’t care” about his poverty plight.

“It’s like we now live on different planets,” said 61-year-old George Bieber, adding that he’s disabled after working as a demolition contractor, and Grandma Biebs, Kathy, works in a factory “hauling huge bags of paint powder 40 hours a week” just to make ends meet.

“He never calls us, and now I sometimes think he doesn’t care,” he added, saying that he’s only received a little bit of money and a TV from his famous 19-year-old relative.

“It does make me sad, as right now our life is pretty desperate.”

So desperate that apparently Justin’s grandfather sleeps on a mattress in the living room as he gazes through a hole in the roof and old photos of a pint-size Biebs on the walls.

But when contacted by Celebuzz, J-Biebs’s grandpa was none too pleased over the “lies” about his supposed down and out luck: “The article in the paper, there were lies about me and that I had no roof,” he said.

But one thing’s still true: “I don’t have nothing to do with Justin,” he added.