Lamar Odom's Dad Says His Son Is Not Missing

Lamar Odom’s father is coming to his son’s defense amid rumors his marriage is falling apart over his supposed drug abuse.

And reports that the basketball pro has gone missing are just simply not true.

“I spoke with my son last night,” Joe Odom told Celebuzz. “I know where he is at, he’s around."

Any news to the contrary he adds is “a bunch of bulls**t.”

“I told him I want him to resume his basketball career and that this s**t is not good, it’s a bad look,” he said.

“I love my son.”

Over the weekend news surfaced that no one had seen Lamar for three days, including his wife Khloe Kardashian and her family.

“I heard the reports, I’m his father,” he said when asked about reports that the former L.A. Clippers star's four-year marriage is crumbling due to his supposed drug addiction.

The constant negative attention is a reason his son has kept a lower profile, he says.

“They’re always around and it’s probably depressing him, the poor fellow. It’s terrible," said Joe.

“That’s why I don’t want to talk to anybody because of this negative s**t… because of the bulls**t they’re saying.

“It’s probably making him depressed, that’s maybe one reason.”

Joe specifically pointed out the recent run-in with paps inside Lamar’s gated community when he allegedly destroyed a paparazzo’s camera (which the D.A. has decided not to prosecute.)



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  • Julia Thompson
    Julia Thompson

    _Lies, lies and more lies. Look behind the curtain and you will find grinch faced Kris Jenner pulling the strings on this PR story. Another B-baller is going to get smeared because he didn't toe the Kardashian line. Smells like a Kris Humphries flashback. Kris Jenner only likes her men without their genitals attached. Lamar Odom might have cheated on Khloe and might smoke a little weed but he certainly is not a crackhead. More to the point, Odom has been living at the Roosevelt Hotel for about the past 6 months now and WON'T come home. Kris Jenner finally had enough of her daughter's shame being played out in the LA media and social circles so she decided to take matters into her own hands when Khloe couldn't get Odom to do right by her. Watch Kris go to any lengths to plant more stories about the time this is over he will have been beating her, killing kittens and eating meat and pissing in the valet's ear.