Robin Thicke’s ‘Give It 2 U’ Music Video Looks Like the Worst Pep Rally Ever

In his new music video, Robin Thicke has ditched the topless models and traded them in for some dance squads, 2 Chaniz and Kendrick Lamar. The video, what with its weird caviar, champagne and cash money mascots and giant red Futura title cards, looks like the even stranger love child of Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and twerk-partner Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” music videos (all three were directed by Diane Martel).

The video finds Thicke and his signature shit-eating grin partying with some dancers on a football field. It also features Thicke’s son Julian, who, at three years old, is far too young to be surrounded by this much twerking.

Those who’ve (rightly) bemoaned the date rape-advocating lyrics of Thicke’s summer smash “Blurred Lines” probably won’t be placated by “Give It 2 U,” in which Thicke quips: “I got a hit for you / A big dick for you / Let me give it to you.” (The rest of the words could be found on Directlyrics.)

I’ll say this about Martel, she sure knows how to create a spectacle.