So Who Really Won Big At Last Night’s VMAs?

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards are now history, but the debate still rages on about who won the night.  You can count the “moon man” until the sun comes up, but we’re revealing the real VMA winners right here, right now.

2013 VMA Winners:

Miley Cyrus haters:  In a performance that could be described as either “baffling” or “cringe-worthy” there’s no question that Miley Cyrus and her Teddy Bear crew made a huge impact on the show last night.  The real winner?  Anyone with access online who was waiting for Miley to stick out her tongue sideways, grope Robin Thicke or just generally act the damn fool on worldwide TV.

Lady Gaga: On the flip-side of the performance coin, Mother Monster delivered some truly amazing costume changes – and spot on vocal work from her new album Art Pop.  As Miley tries to become Gaga, Gaga seems to be settling in to become Madonna.

Brooklyn.  The hippest borough in the world was ready for its closeup last night, as MTV camera crews shined the spotlight on Brooklyn before, during and after the show. New York has never looked cooler.

NSYNC fans.  Sure it only lasted a few minutes – but for those wandering the desert in search of just a sip of NSYNC reunion goodness, the moment was pure magic.

Taylor Swift.  T-Swift owned the red carpet once again – channeling her own brand of old-school celebrity glamour – once again begging the question, does Taylor EVER not look amazing?

Kanye West. Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only one who proclaimed Kanye’s performance of Blood on the Leaves as the best moment of the night. Music critics and fans gathered around the great one and shared universal praise in his honor.