The 15 Best Dance Movies Of The Past 30 Years

It seems to us that a truly great dance movie comes around about every two years (trust us – we know math) and that means we're about due. BATTLE OF THE YEAR (Watch the trailer here and prepare to be blown away) is out September 20th, and that seems like a definite contender. Until then, we present you our definitive list of the best 15 dance movies of the past 30 years.




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  • mamamia

    Hi, I loved your top 15 movie list, Dirty Dancing is one of the best, I have just watched Take the Lead which was taken from a true story, I thought that was a great movie too. I am looking for some even older dance movies ( I don't know their titles) but stars in them were Juliet Prowse, Anne Margaret and Leslie Caron, I think the one with her in was called Daddy longlegs.

  • Jackie Luenebrink Grayam
  • Lifeonprint Cindy Hickman