The Hands Down 9 Best 2013 MTV VMA Moments

Before we put the 2013 VMAs to bed, let’s take a few final moments to reflect upon those, not-who-twerked, but instead rose above to deliver some truly memorable musical (or not) moments.

The hands down best moments from the VMAs are…

1. The NSNYC reunion.  OK, it was the worst kept secret ever, but that didn’t mean we weren’t geeking out over this LONG overdue reunion.  Give us more please!

2. The Drake reaction.  We’ve seen how 1D and Rihanna reacted to Miley Cyrus’ now infamous performance (and loved it) but it was Drake’s odd mixture of concentration and sleepiness that really captivated us.  Was he digging the rhythm?  Texting?  Both?

3. Just JT in general.  Justin Timberlake won the Video Vanguard Award for lifetime achievement.  His medley of hits and overall coolness proved his worthiness.

4. Taylor Swift speaks for everyone everywhere.  Capturing her “shut the f**k up” moment should get the VMA crew an Emmy for exposing the rare honest-audience-reaction-moment.

5.  Bruno Mars nails it.  Channeling Prince in almost every conceivable way, Bruno gave us a performance for the ages – and one that was sadly overshadowed by the Cyrus Twerk Show.

6.  Katy Perry’s impressive cardio.  Ever tried to sing and jump rope at the same-damn-time?   Go ahead and give it a try.  We’ll wait.

7.  Jimmy Fallon is a fan boy.   You could really feel his excitement at handing out the lifetime achievement award to Timberlake.  He’s a legit fanboy – which is what makes him so damn endearing.

8.  Lady Gaga 2.0.  Mother Monster nailed it – proving to the world that no matter what her new direction turns out to be, we’re all going to be just fine.

9. Kanye overcomes crappy sound.  This was NOT a night that celebrated the glory of audio fidelity, but Kanye soldiered on anyway and delivered a performance worth of his self-image.