1D Diaries: 7 Things We Loved About “Best Song Ever”

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Those cheeky lads from across the pond just dropped their newest video a couple of weeks ago, where they flexed their acting muscle, getting in character with prosthetics, some gnarly chest hair, short shorts and even a dude in a dress — truly something for everyone. Lest we spoil the entire thing, feast your eyes on the glory that is “Best Song Ever”, then check out their awesome behind the scenes video.

We are truly learning more and more from them each day that leads up to their new movie One Direction: This Is Us. Here are a few of our favorite things that we learned today.

1. Contrary to popular belief, Harry’s power is not diminished when his hair is not the 6th member of the band: Harry plays a nerdy dude named Marcel, and he is still the dreamboat we all know and love.

2. The band has mastered a variety of American accents, which we can only hope will play a little part in their upcoming tour!

3. The boys look just as endearing in costume as they do out of costume. Who knew that short-shorts and a terrycloth headband would be a look we could get behind?

4. Did we MENTION the acting? It is divine. Divine.

5. Zayn could very easily teach us how to walk in heels — and we’d be glad to learn from him,

6. The boys behind the scenes are just like they are on the screen — fun-loving, goofy and utterly adorable.

7. Watching the lads wreck havoc on a stuffy office, turning it into the giant dance party of our dreams is the perfect antidote to any bad mood.

Here’s the behind the scenes video, and to see more One Direction, don’t forget to check out One Direction: This Is Us when it hits theaters August 30!