Let’s Hear a Round of ‘Applause’ for Our Winning ‘Lady Gaga Meets One Direction’ Captions

Sometimes, worlds collide. Superstars meet groups of other superstars. Fandoms implode. Sometimes, seashell bikinis are involved. (Most of the time, however, they are not.) In the case of Lady Gaga chilling with One Direction backstage at the Video Music Awards, of course a seashell bikini is involved. And, apparently, a sippy cup. And, apparently, today’s winning captions:

“theres a reason he has a sweater wrapped around his hips” – Amanda

“Look what we found washed up on the beach” – James

“OMG I think I feel a hand on my bottom.” – Catherine

“Somebody needs a diaper change ?” – Ann

“Hey look what we found… can we keep her… PLEASE!!!” – Adam

“shell shocked” – Claire

“Darling its better, down where its wetter…. Under the sheets.” – Kevin

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