Paula Deen and Family ‘Taking It One Day At A Time’

Paula Deen may have won the court battle, but don’t expect her to be popping champagne and throwing a victory party in her honor anytime soon.

“She’s not the type to celebrate. She’s the type to go back to work,” said her former husband Jimmy Deen, who spoke with their sons Bobby and Jamie shortly after news made headlines that the $1.2 million civil case against Paula had officially been closed Monday.

“They’re just taking it one day at a time.”

The suit was filed by former employee, Lisa Jackson, who accused the Southern chef of racism and sexual harassment, but was dismissed by a federal judge this week “with prejudice,” which means it cannot be filed again.

In the wake of media and public scrutiny after a deposition revealed the 66-year-old TV star used the N-word in the past, the fallout was huge. Paula not only lost her Food Network show, but millions of dollars in endorsements from a bevy of companies that decided to severe professional ties with the silver-haired chef.

But her family hasn’t lost faith that she will rebuild her reputation until she’s back on top.

“I feel like she will get her business back,” added Jimmy.

“And she’ll be stronger for it.”