Thanks, Miley: Twerk, Selfie and Pixie Cut Added to the Oxford Dictionary

Now Miley Cyrus can take a selfie of herself twerking with her pixie cut — and it’s all Oxford approved.

The Oxford Dictionaries Online has picked up twerk, selfie and pixie cut as official words. The long-esteemed Oxford English Dictionary’s online edition does a quarterly update of “current English,” adding terms that have been adopted by popular culture through common usage.

So how does one define twerk?

Twerk, verb
Dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

Maybe it was Miley’s booty-bouncing, twerk-tastic performance at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday (above) that landed the word some real legitimacy. Or, it might have been this guy.

Also joining the Oxford-certified club: fauxhawk (picture David Beckham’s ‘do), FOMO (fear of missing out), emoji, (smiles all around), phablet (phone+tablet), food baby (your belly post-Thanksgiving feast) as well as many abbreviations (e.g. apols, grats, vom). Yes, srsly.

To help you remember how twerk came into pop culture consciousness, here is the first time Miley twerked, in a unicorn onesie, of course.