'American Idol' Afraid of Putting Two Women at the Judges' Table Again

With Dr. Luke dropping out of American Idol due to a conflict of interest, FOX is scrambling to fill the third and final slot at the judges' table before the show begins taping next week. Right now they have their eyes on Harry Connick Jr., even though The Hollywood Reporter says they really want a record executive to balance out the talents of Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. But hey, that's okay! Connick Jr. will do, anyway, all because he happens to be a man.

According to the report:

While Fox was said to be somewhat cool to the Connick idea, sources say there is reluctance to add another woman to the mix given friction last season between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, which didn’t play well with the show’s key older female demographic.

Anyway, if they can't find a third judge before next week, season 13 could wind up being delayed. Which, if you think about it, might be the best thing to happen to Idol in a very, very long time.



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  • ptmm2000

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  • Albert Vallejo
    Albert Vallejo

    Jlo hasn’t been confirmed as an Idol judge, Fox chairman Kevin Reilly has only confirmed that Keith Urban as an Idol judge, it’s JLo and her management are the ones that are keeping this rumor alive, sources are saying they don't want Jlo, they already had her on season 10 & 11, and had the worst TV ratings in Idol history, that's why they were replace with Mariah & Nicki for season 12, there are still looking for judges for Idol 13, Jlo is what Idol doesn’t want, someone with a big bag of bad publicity (performing to Dictators for years for millions), and someone that’s going to use the show to self promote herself, in her music and movies or anything she doing at the moment, if you really wanted her, they would already have confirmed her weeks ago?