Today's Vin Diesel Caption Contest Is 2 Fast, 2 Hilarious

Vin Diesel Star
What's on everyone's minds? Is it Vin Diesel getting his highly deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Not so much, although that is cool. What's on everyone's minds is Miley Cyrus' twerktastic performance over the weekend. How do I know? Well, despite the fact that this is a Vin Diesel Caption Contest, more than a few submissions somehow managed to relate back to Miley's Big Moment. Pop culture has been overtaken. All that's left are today's winning captions:

"daddy put your thumb down, no one likes miley cyrus" - Esperansa

"eat your heart out clooney.." - Nemdy

"Daddy don't do the Miley Twerk on this one!!!" - Jessica

"Go big or go home" - Malta

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