David Schwimmer’s New Neighbors Aren’t His Biggest Fans

Here’s the backstory: David Schwimmer, best known as Ross from Friends, bought a townhouse at 6th St. and 1st Ave. in New York’s East Village in 2010. The townhouse was originally built in 1852 and would have been eligible for landmark status in 2012, which would have protected its historic facade. Schwimmer demolished the entire thing in 2011.

It certainly didn’t make him any friends (see what I did there?).

Now that his brand new mansion is finished, Schwimmer is moving in. The picture above, originally posted on hyper-local blog EV Grieve, shows the housewarming gift his new neighbors left.

For reference, this photo — courtesy of Google Maps — shows what the building originally looked like:

Schwimmer's Fixer-Upper

Beautiful right? Not enough for Schwimmer.